10 Reasons Why Established Men Attracted to Younger Women

There are many men who are attracted to younger women but many people find that established men find younger women attractive more often.  Why is this?  These ten following reasons will help you to understand why established men find younger women attractive.

dating younger women

Younger Women Have Less Signs Of Aging

Younger women often have less signs of aging.  That means that they don’t have stretch marks, wrinkles, and other effects that time has on the body.  Because of this lack of aging signs many men will find younger bodies more attractive.  Younger women looking for established men will have a heads up just because of their bodies.

Younger Women Have More Energy

It isn’t hard to believe that younger women seeking older men have more energy.  Their bodies have yet to show the extra wear and tear that tends to be indicative of older age.  When an older man finds a younger woman it helps him to feel energized.

Younger Women Aren’t Sticks In The Mud

Older women tend to have less energy and as such tend to be less active.  An older man seeks younger women to be his true self and act like a goof.  Sometimes you need to act like a goof to blow off steam and if you are dating someone that won’t allow that, you will suffer.

Younger Women Are More Carefree

Younger women have yet to have been beaten down by the years.  That means that younger women have a freer attitude.  They also tend to be less judgmental and are more likely to accept dating someone who doesn’t fit their “type”.

Younger Women Have Less History

Without having years of dating experience younger women looking for established men often have less emotional baggage.  Emotional baggage from past relationships can put a strain on any future relationships.  Lacking this baggage makes younger women more attractive.

Younger Women Aren’t Like His Exes

A lot of older men think that people of their age are like their exes.  By seeking out a younger women men are looking for something different from their exes.  You have the distinct advantage over any women the age of an older man by just being different from them.

Younger Women Are An Ego Boost

Older men get stuck in the mindset that they aren’t as good as they once were.  The fact is, that in many cases, they are just as good as they were in the past.  Younger women act as a way for established men to get an ego boost and feel like they are as good as they ever were.  A little pride in who you are dating is never a bad thing.

Younger Women Haven’t Experienced The World

One of the major reasons that a younger woman is so appealing to established men is that they haven’t seen the world.  Older women have been around long enough to experience many things, especially in relationships.  When an established man dates a younger woman they find it much easier to impress the woman because of the lack of worldly experiences.

Younger Women Can Still Have Children

Sometimes older men who haven’t had the blessing of having children want to experience that.  If they date an older woman, chances are that they cannot have kids anymore.  Younger women offer the chance for established men to have children. 

Younger Women Are Considered To Be Fun

Society often thinks that younger women are more fun in general.  The term nag or hag is used to refer to older women for the simple belief that they cannot be fun.  The last reason is more popular belief than fact but it is still a reason that many people choose to date younger women.

There are a lot of reasons that younger women seeking older men will find an established man attractive, these are just a few.  The practice of dating younger women isn’t a new thing for established men.  History shows a big trend of established men seeking out younger women.  It is a perfectly natural process and now you know why.  If you have any other reasons why established men might be attracted to younger women, leave them in the comments below. Reading reviews about Established Men

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